Im Going On An Adventure! Tree Magnets!

Im Going On An Adventure! Tree Magnets!

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FULL SET includes all 7 pieces of the Adventure set. This includes the dragon
tree skirt, the watching eye tree topper, and the 5 magnetic ornaments.

Bauble Ornament Set includes the 5 ornament pieces. Home, Po-tay-toe, my sword,
my bow, and my axe. (.5" Glitter Effects) 

Dragon Tree Skirt is only for the 3d dragon Tree Skirt (.5" tall 1.25" wide, 3d effect on gold, soft enamel) 

Watching Eye Topper is only for the Tree topper. (1" tall, hard enamel) 

Each item comes with a magnet so you can decorate your trees, place on your fridge, anywhere magnet friendly!